Your all-in-one remote production personal assistant

multiCAM AIRBRIDGE is a hardware-based video controller in one box!

multiCAM AIRBRIDGE lets you connect up to four remote guests, giving you full control over each guest’s video and audio stream and delivering mix-minus audio feeds for each of the guests.

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multiCAM AIRBRIDGE is built using WebRTC – a modern web technology that lets your guests connect right from their browsers, with no installation or registration required. To bring a guest into your production, all you need is their email address. WebRTC has significant momentum behind it. It is heavily promoted by Google, and is already built into over half the browsers in use today (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera running on PCs, Macs, and Android devices).

AIRBRIDGE is intuitive and streamlines your workflow. In fact, it’s the only professional video calling solution that lets you:

  • Control video settings (scale, position, picture) of remote guests
  • Automate mix-minus audio of all participants
  • Adjust audio delay for each of your guest’s connections
  • Send video program to guests

multiCAM AIRBRIDGE  lets you connect up to four remote guests. Select the name in your address book and send the invite. Within just one click they connect to your show.

multiCAM AIRBRIDGE gives you control over your guest’s audio and video settings!

Quickly adjust gamma and contrast. With the PTZ feature you can also reframe it! Mix-minus audio makes the experience professional on both sides.

Key AIRBRIDGE Features:

  • Up to four guests at the same time
  • AoIP compatible
  • NDI/SDI outputs
  • Video call-in management with queue