Upgrade to Full-Auto mode with multiCAM TRACKING. Capture your lectures and presentations without an operator.

The system detects and tracks speaker location in realtime, with any PTZ camera.

Depending on the speaker position and how they move, the system chooses the best available shot, using both cameras.

The system receives the presentation from the PC and automatically detects when a new slide occurs and switches to it!



2 buttons : Start & Stop for recording, live streaming and publishing.

One button starts the recording and live streams. One button stops the recording and starts the on demand publishing process.

Simply define your publication workflow in advance. Then the PUBLISHER module does everything for you: intro/outro movie clip insertion prior to publishing, re-encode, upload, API requests, etc…

When you add the TRACKING license to the E-LEARNING solution, a switch appears on your user interface that allows you to switch from semi-automated to fully automated mode.