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Video Settings

From the system welcome screen (see System LaunchAllumage.htm), click onto open "Settings".

You will be asked to enter a password:

  • To access generally used settings, type “admin”
  • To access all possible settings, type “superadmin”

The relation between SDI connectors and sources name inside the system


multiCAM SDI BOX 4+1
SDI OUT DeckLink Studio 4K
SDI IN/OUT DeckLink Duo 2(4)
SDI IN 1 DeckLink Studio 4K
SDI IN 2 DeckLink Duo 2
SDI IN 3 DeckLink Duo 2(2)
SDI IN 4 DeckLink Duo 2(3)
DVI-D IN Video (00 Pro Capture DVI)


multiCAM SDI BOX 8+1
SDI OUT DeckLink Studio 4K
SDI IN/OUT DeckLink Quad 2(8)
SDI IN 1 DeckLink Studio 4K
SDI IN 2 DeckLink Quad 2
SDI IN 3 DeckLink Quad 2(2)
SDI IN 4 DeckLink Quad 2(3)
SDI IN 5 DeckLink Quad 2(4)
SDI IN 6 DeckLink Quad 2(5)
SDI IN 7 DeckLink Quad 2(6)
SDI IN 8 DeckLink Quad 2(7)
DVI-IN 1 Video (00 Pro Capture DVI)
DVI-IN 2 Video (01 Pro Capture DVI)

Video outputs

Video inputs

In the INPUTS tab you are able to configure input video sources.

Video format

First, you have to choose the system video format with thedrop-down menu Format at the bottom of the interface.

This format will be automatically applied for PGM output.


To add a new input, click on the button.

There are 3 input options (Capture device, NDI stream, IP stream) that are available for the multiCAM SDI BOX and 2 input options (NDI stream, IP stream) for the multiCAM IP BOX.

Add SDI input

To add a SDI input, click on . In the Device drop-down menu, choose input.

In the Format drop-down menu, choose correct video format.

All video formats (System, Source input and Cameras) have to be the same.

Add NDI input

To add a NDI input, click on . In the Source drop-down menu, choose correct NDI source.

Add IP input

To add an IP input, click on . In the field Stream, add the RTSP address of the source and choose the Buffer option: automatically - Low delay, or manual buffer size.

Type of inputs

multiCAM suite supports 4 types of inputs: PTZ camera, fixed camera, robotic systems (multiCAM SPIRIT), and PC-Input. A full list of integrated PTZ cameras can be found here.

PTZ camera configuration

Click on the in the ADD INPUT window. In the Model drop-down menu, choose model of the camera, Control type - IP, and enter IP address of the camera and port.

Fixed camera configuration

If current input is used for fixed or handle camera or as input from other devices, click on in the ADD INPUT window.

Robotic systems configuration

Click on the in the ADD INPUT window and choose type of the robotic system.

Here you can combine robotic solutions and cameras with different options:


PC-input configuration

For using input as a PC-input, click on and enable PC-INPUT checkbox.